Our Vision

Limitless Potential • Ignite Passion • Embrace Difference

Vision Statement

At the heart of our school, all individuals have opportunities to thrive in their own unique ways. By igniting passion and embracing difference, we can unlock limitless potential for all in our community. Through nurturing and trust, we can open the door to exciting new adventures, challenges and experiences to spark dreams for every child.

Mission Statement:

We BELIEVE that every child has talent. We BELIEVE in making long-lasting memories. We BELIEVE in a strong school community.

We will promote:

We celebrate all achievements inside and outside school. We promote a rich and creative approach to learning. We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit, risk taking and challenge.

Making memories:

We want to inspire and create new learning adventure. We strive to give each child opportunities and experiences outside the classroom.


We believe our school is stronger because of our links with our families, our local and wider community and beyond.

We will provide this:

Through an ambitious and exciting curriculum in conjunction with our community, local industry and the arts. By removing boundaries and thinking BIGGER.

Through strong parental links:

Parents and carers are the biggest ingredient in getting it right with children. They’re their first educators, so schools have to work in partnership with them or the results for children simply won’t happen.

  • Open and honest relationship
  • Regular communication with parents and carers
  • Communicate regularly – telephone, postcards, playground, website, social media
  • Friday Celebration Assembly celebrating children’s success together.

Aims of Hazlewood Community Primary School

At Hazlewood Community Primary School we believe that every child must be provided with opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, academically and physically to achieve the highest possible standards. We are an inclusive learning community that is forward thinking, innovative, confident and committed to ensuring that all of the children in our care are happy, enthusiastic and purposeful learners.  

We are working together to:

  • Raise achievement through a commitment to high standards and expectations
  • Enable every child to succeed as an independent, enthusiastic and confident learner
  • Provide active, co-operative and independent learning through dynamic and high quality teaching
  • Create an atmosphere where each child is valued as an individual, enabling them to develop a positive self-image, self-discipline and respect for others
  • Ensure equality of opportunity at all times, so that each child is given appropriate support and enrichment Create an inclusive learning community which challenges and enables every learner to flourish, prosper and develop aspirations for a successful future
  • Provide a welcoming, secure, stimulating and enriched learning environment
  • Provide an innovative, creative and integrated curriculum which inspires and motivates children to learn and which takes account of different learning styles
  • Celebrate our growing diversity and work in partnership with parents, children and the wider community

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