Leader: Miss. S. Bowman

At Hazlewood Community Primary School, we view History not only as simple facts and dates but encourage our pupils to become detectives who explore the past in an exciting way.

History is taught mainly through a topic-based approach and gives pupils a chance to explore a wide range of sources from which the past may come alive.

Through History, children learn to make comparisons and links between the past and modern times and discover how and why things have changed. They learn about people and events in the past, in Britain and the wider world, and realise that these have influenced our lives today. We encourage first hand experiences through handling real artefacts and wherever possible arranging field work visits to relevant sites of historical interest in the region or bringing in specialists for in-school workshops. Children are taught how to investigate and record their findings in interesting and creative ways including writing, art, drama and ICT.

Intent Implementation Impact Statement Enrichment Links History Progression Map History Curriculum Overview

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