Leader: Mrs. K. Callen

Science is a wonderful subject to develop the key skills of curiosity, perseverance, reflecting and thinking! In our school, we aim for science to be as practical as possible, and as meaningful to everyday life as we can.

As such, children enjoy science and the opportunities it brings for group work, investigation and knowledge acquisition; children love learning about how the world ‘works’.

Our primary aim in science is clear; we want children to be able to question about the world around them – and have strategies available to them in order to answer that question. These strategies could include investigation skills, but also the ability to use ICT in order to develop their thinking and knowledge is a prime focus of current science learning. Across the school, children follow the content of the National Curriculum for England, with some additional science learning in the form of our annual STEM week.

We aim to inspire our young inquiring minds at an early age to enthuse them with a passion to follow future educational and career choices.

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