School Remains Open for Identified Groups

School Remains Open for Identified Groups

Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic, school is currently only open for identified groups of children as identified by the Department for Education in this document.

If you think your child is eligible to attend school, please contact school on this telephone number 0191 917 8545 or use this email address

We can discuss eligibility and organise access for provision. Please also use this number if you need to access provision on different days to those already arranged.

In the holidays, schools would usually be closed. In line with DfE guidance, we will be offering provision as it is needed by identified parents/carers, meaning we will be physically open on some days and closed on others based on the needs of those parents/carers. However, if your circumstances change and you need care for your child/ren, for example if you are called into work, please contact this telephone number 0191 917 8545 and we will arrange provision for your child/ren, irrespective of whether or not we have planned to be open on that day or not as we appreciate that everyone’s circumstances are ever changing.

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